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Tips for Adding a Fighting Chicken Mentally

Improving the mentality of young fighting cocks is very effective if applied to the age range of 5 months. Thus it will be faster for the chicken to be ready to go down in the arena. In addition, the information that will be conveyed can also improve the mentality of weak chickens.

If there is a chance the day after tomorrow, we have reviewed all the tricks to make an obedient and fierce chicken. So it's not perfect if you add something deeper. So the mental handling of chickens is very diverse, for that my friend must know the cause.

Suppose you are afraid of old chickens in the coop, being chased by free-range chickens and unhealthy conditions. So, before understanding the factors, you can go directly to the effective steps to make it happen. Either way, read on for the explanation below.

How to improve the mentality of young fighting cocks

Tips you can do to improve and damage the mentality of weak fighting cocks. Before proceeding, you'll want to make sure the hens you want to train are mature. Its characteristics are molting, starting to crow, changing voices and fighting against chickens or each other.

If any of the above characteristics exist in your chicken. It is certain that it is time to enter the treatment of fighting cocks. As for those who have never raised chickens, you can use the techniques we share. 

Splitting Chicken

The first is to separate old chickens, free-range chickens and other nuisances. Because maybe this friend's chicken is afraid of seniors. For that, try to hold it in this way.

Buddy can wear didiumbar with Dedara or younger. The goal is to improve mentality and achievement, for example, under white, try giving the easy one with white. Over time, his mental state will improve.

Food for Fallen Chicken

The second way to improve the mentality of fighting cocks is in terms of feed. Because the food itself as a source of energy and other proteins. Maybe due to lack of nutrition so that health and fitness are disturbed, therefore the solution is to provide nutritious feed.

The quality of feed to restore fitness with fish oil is only 2 times a week, namely in the morning 2 grains and sick too. Then

Soul Falling Chicken Special Potion

The third stage that needs to be considered is the mental improvement of the fighting cock by giving traditional chicken herbs. If you want to be creative, you can mix your own chicken seasoning with the ingredients around it. In addition, they know more about how herbal medicine works.

This gift can be given according to his needs and see what needs to be addressed to your chicken. For example, because it is not maintained or the nutritional intake is not optimal, then the provision of herbal medicine for fighting cocks is very good.

Chicken Isolation Cage

This fourth method is almost similar to the first, only more specific, for that you can prepare it specifically. So that your young chickens quickly improve their mentality, for example the age range of 0-4 months. If not present, they are placed in box cages, but daily care is given more specifically.

If you don't have a special cage, what's the solution? Calm down, my friend can still be in the main cage but provide a mosquito net or hood for old chickens or chickens. The benefit of having a cage is also necessary because it can be used as an option to place new chickens if you are afraid of bringing a deadly disease outbreak.

Letting Go With Siblings or Breeders

Like chickens in general, a rooster combined with a female will definitely be more comfortable and most powerful. So that it can be used as an option to improve the mental quality of your rooster to improve in a short time.

Because all chicken breeders have many other recommendations, namely the number of free-range chickens and cages that can affect the mentality of young chickens. Even if you want to make sure, make sure the quality is the same so as not to lower your chicken's mentality. While the supporting factors as we have described above.

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