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Simple Tips on How to Organize Stuff at Home Effectively

We all have the same problem, things pile up and look messy. Some people like to buy a lot of things, until finally the things at home pile up.

Maybe for some people who have a big house, it still looks a little neat even though the things are messy. But for people who have a house that is not too big, this will make the house look very messy. If it's like that, then we will feel uncomfortable.

Another thing that causes things in the house to fall apart is habit. For example my friend. He has a very nice house, you could say he is a rich man. Unfortunately, every time he used an item, he didn't have the habit of returning the item he had used or in the right place.

The reason is because we are in a hurry, we will clean it when we get home. Well, the habit of procrastinating like this is a disease of many people, one of which may be me and you, this is definitely a bad habit and besides that it will make dust accumulate and things become messy and make the house crowded.

Honestly, I'm not a good person when I see things fall apart. Well, even though my house is small and it is difficult to store things neatly, I still try to tidy up and store things as quickly as possible in their place.

What you need is

discipline and get used to returning things to their place

Diligently clean the room and items that have been used. Don't wait for others even if you have a housekeeper. In my opinion, cleanliness and discipline should start from yourself

Imagine if a friend came and our room looks messy?

If you want to tidy things up in your home, start by separating things, rearranging the room and also keeping the environment clean so you feel at home and comfortable.

Tips for tidying things up at home

1. Make a Plan to Tidy Up

It's great that before you tidy it up, you should find and schedule a day and time. Of course, there's a time to really tidy things up at home and there's a time to tidy them up every day. You can choose the time of the weekend or any other day.

To tidy up and clean the room, you can do it every day gradually, one to two hours for certain rooms or items, the next day continue to tidy up rooms and other items. No matter how much or how little time you spend tidying things up at home, if you do it with good discipline, it will help you tidy things up on time.

If ONLY had two hours every week. It doesn't matter if you only have two hours each week, you can work in one room each week. I usually start with one room to organize all the items in that room. Wardrobe, messy and unused stuff that was in my room was clean.

If the time is not enough, then I will continue in the next week to organize the closet or things that I have not tidy up in the room. This method may take some time, but it is the best way to clean an entire room with the time you have.

If you can only tidy up the entire room in a few days in a row or in a row. Say you can only use your time to tidy up your clothes and your room only two days, Saturday and Sunday.

Make sure to do it to the max during those two days. Admittedly this may be a very strenuous and tiring task, but you have to do it so that you can complete it during those two days.

You can also tidy up your room for just ten minutes every day.

2. Storing Items By Utilizing Space

The garage is usually used to park our vehicles, actually in this place we can also put some items for gardening equipment, bicycles, stairs and vehicle equipment.

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