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How to Mentally Overcome Young Chickens

Dear readers, welcome to the author who is happy to share his insights into the world of animal husbandry and rearing. This time as usual the author will discuss about one of the favorite farm animals both for complaints and for human food, namely chicken.

For those of you who understand chickens and their types, of course you already understand that chickens have various benefits for humans, both for feed and fighting cocks for competition. Well my friend on this occasion the author will discuss specifically about young chickens who do not have the mental strength to fight or even go down mentally.

1. General Mental Abilities of Chickens

The mentality and courage of fighting cocks are of course the main weapons so that fighting cocks are able to compete and become champions when contested. When you have a young fighting rooster, of course you will experience a period where he feels unable to fight because he does not have the experience and taste when he sees other weaker fighting cocks. (Also read how to raise super Javanese chicken with HCS pattern)

In general, fighting cocks will have a strong mentality since the age of 7 months, but it is not uncommon for fighting cocks to be more than 7 months old but do not yet have a strong mentality due to experience, environment, or other animal disturbances. . . . like a dog. Therefore, breeders must find ways to overcome it so that it becomes a natural instinct.

2. Separate Cage

The initial way to improve the mentality of young fighting cocks is to provide a special cage and separate them from other, more mature fighting cocks, this aims to reduce the risk of young fighting cocks with their siblings.

If young chickens are mixed with other chickens, generally the one who feels superior or stronger will reflexively press and hit the other chicken. 

He will be easily frightened, when he meets other, more mature chickens, he will get used to running and have absolutely no fighting mentality. Therefore, make sure the young chickens have a special comfortable place, away from disturbances from other chickens or other animals such as dogs and cats.

3. Isolation Cage

This is done for young chickens who are really mentally weak, with the characteristics of not daring to fight other chickens at all and not wanting to crow. He must be put in an isolation cage i.e. a closed cage where he cannot see other chickens.

Generally this method will work in a matter of weeks, chicks that have not seen other chickens for a long time will begin to learn to crow and learn to defend themselves.

4. Special ingredients for fighting cocks

The jamu ayam fighting is a drink made from turmeric, brown sugar, and honey which is mixed with a drink or given directly, this is beneficial for chickens who have problems with internal organs because they are used to giving in and are used to it. used to it. used to it. . reluctant to give up. battle, the potion would restore his strength and stamina so he felt healthier.

5. Feeding Live Animals

How to deal with the mental chicken, then you have to try to feed directly from live animals to be more aggressive and try to fight, even though in the early stages he fights animals that are much weaker than him first. .

Live food is crickets, small frogs, or chicken mice. Your young rooster pursues its feed as a way to strengthen the mentality of its prey which will affect its ability and fighting spirit.

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