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How to Make Clothesline from PVC Pipe

Besides being used to connect clean water and dirty water at home, PVC pipes can also be used to create unique designs that can be used as a tool to place household appliances in the house, such as clotheslines.

Although fairly common, this PVC pipe clothesline is also sturdy enough to dry wet clothes. In addition, the price of PVC pipe offered by this pipe trader can also be said to be very cheap, so it will not dry out the bag when making clothesline from this PVC pipe.

For those who intend to make clotheslines from this PVC pipe, there are several ways that can be done. Do you? Check out the discussion:

Prepare all the materials needed, such as

  • PVC pipe with a length of 34 cm as many as 8 rods (vertical)
  • PVC pipe with a length of 80 cm about 7 rods (horizontally)
  • 4 colored elbows are placed in the top corner of the clothesline.

  • 4 other colored elbows and place them on the feet of the clothesline.
  • Elbow faucet includes a total of 4 pieces
  • 18 T-connection
  • And, short paralon with many sizes.
  • How to make clothesline from PVC pipe,

The first step that can be done is to make a pipe connector from the T connection and make it into two parts, namely T1 and T2. Next, glue the left end of T1 and attach it to T2 by forming the letter z as shown in the picture. After these two connectors are attached, then give the other two ends with a piece of connecting pipe about 5 cm.

If you have formed T1 and T2 are made with a z shape upside down, now is the time to make T1 and T2 parallel. However, the two sides of T1 and T2 are only connected by a short pipe.

Then, then make connections at the ends which will be glued to the joints of various long pipes and also installed on T1 and T2.

Then, having connected all the ends, you just need to glue the elbows to the legs and give them pipe covers.

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