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Honda City 2020 Specifications, Designs, Prices

Honda City is a sedan that is arguably the most valuable heritage in the history of the automotive world around the world.

This car even incised tremendous success in the ASEAN market. Honda City as a consumer favorite car, has received a touch of facelift design and the latest generation looks fresh in the Indonesian market.

All this thanks to its high fuel efficiency, superior performance, stylish chassis, luxurious interior and affordable price.

Full Honda City Car Review 2020

This car is a sedan with a dynamic design, interior based on advanced technology, and is suitable for all ages.

In other words, everything good can be found in this car. Honda City has 3 variants in its home country, namely City S, City E, and City ES.

The third variant is available in a choice of manual transmission and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). The highest variant of this car only uses a CVT automatic transmission on the chassis.

Well, for those of you who are planning to buy this car, let's look at the reviews below.

Honda City Interiors

The cabin comes in a matt black color that reinforces the sporty impression. The leather-covered steering wheel and gear lever make it look even more charming.

6.1-inch LCD display with excellent visibility on the dashboard. Basically also connected to the radio interface and various multimedia functions.

Upholstery with leather upholstery and automatic air conditioning system with touch screen panels complete the dashboard.

Honda City 2020 also offers a spacious cabin with ample head and legroom. The rear seats can be opened separately, which offers ample luggage space capacity.

In addition, a drawer in the center console with a palm rest, 3 power sockets, an additional drawer, 8 cup holders and 2 USB plugs are also available for passengers.

Tilt and telescopic steering is equipped with a number of audio controls. The power window panel is added with silver accents so that it gives a luxurious appearance.

There is a button to display the engine (keyless power start button) which makes it easy where you no longer need a key to start the engine.

In terms of interior and luggage space capacity, the City outperforms other sedans. With 2600 mm of luggage space, there is ample legroom and headroom for passengers.

This sedan offers 485 liters of luggage space which can be further increased by folding the rear seats.

Honda City Exterior

Honda is very well known for producing cars that have a high design aesthetic value and good looks.

This leading Japanese automotive company has designed an elegant exterior. The main attraction is the new design on the platinum grille on the Honda City ES.

The waist is also more unique and more detailed than the previous version. Adorned with integrated fog lamps, elegant side door glass with LED turn signals, and a touch of elegant design on the shark fin-like antenna.

 The artistic folds under the chrome-accented doorknobs and on the bottom right of the car, the walls on the wheels, and the B-pillar wrapped in sporty black accentuate its modern character.

The silver decoration on the stern emphasizes the sophistication aspect. The overall size of this car is 4442 mm x 1694 mm x 1477 mm (W x W x H) with a ground clearance of 150 mm.

The wheelbase on the latest Honda City is 2,600 mm which makes the legs and headroom in the cabin more spacious.

Honda City Engine and Performance

This Honda City car uses i-VTEC technology at the heart of the runway, so this car produces reliable and powerful performance.

This very powerful engine is combined with a five-speed manual transmission and a more sophisticated transmission, namely Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) for other variants.

Honda City Stereo and Accessories

This latest Honda City has a 2 DIN audio system in its lowest variant. For the highest variant, you will get a 6.1-inch LCD which is placed in the center of the dashboard, and is integrated with audio and multimedia functions.

The 2 DIN audio system can play AM/FM radio and has a CD/DVD player with AUX and U interfaces.

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