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Honda ADV 150 Complete Features, Design and Specifications

The Honda ADV 150 was first launched at the 2019 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto How (GIIAS) event.

Its presence is a big surprise in the two-wheeled industry because this motorbike has an affordable price while opening up new markets.

Well, for those of you who intend to buy this motorbike, let's first look at the reviews below.

Full Review of Honda ADV 150

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) offers Honda ADV 150 prices starting from Rp. 33 million. Its status itself can be considered as the younger brother of the Honda X-ADV or the semi-dual-purpose version of the Honda PCX.

As a new product, the Honda ADV 150 offers a variety of fresh things for consumers to enjoy. Quite feasible, especially considering that this design is not owned by competitors in the same class or blood products from the Honda manufacturer.

Not only that, features, handling, and performance are also selling points in the future, right? Moreover, AHM claimed to have developed it for quite a long time.

Therefore, AHM feels quite confident with the price of the Honda ADV 150 CBS at Rp. 33.5 million and Rp. 36.5 million for the highest type, namely the Honda ADV 150 ABS.

Meanwhile, there are 6 color variants offered. They stated that this motorbike had been able to be ordered since the 2019 GIIAS event even at Honda dealers.

Deliveries to its marketing network are scheduled to take place in late July to early August 2019.

This original Indonesian motorbike will even export the Honda ADV 150 to several countries. It is not yet specific, but it seems that the Southeast Asia region is a potential market that AHM is targeting with this new weapon.

Features of Honda ADV 150

Honda ADV 150 is equipped with supporting features for its users, such as Two Step Adjustable Windscreen.

This device can be adjusted up and down with a practical mechanism, just like the Honda x ADV 150. The price of the Honda X ADV 150 itself is IDR 36.5 million.

A cross section of driving information is presented via a digital meter panel. It is square and large, based on monochromatic negatives. Plus there's a cover at the top, making the panel easy to read in a variety of lighting situations.

In this area, you can view various instruments such as battery indicator (voltmeter), external temperature indicator, average fuel consumption, instant fuel consumption, engine oil change indicator, time, date and Trip A & Trip B.

Fun again, there is a separate instrument panel containing lights that present different information, such as turn signal lights, engine status, and engine temperature.

The Idling Stop System (ISS) is also applied to this Honda ADV-150. The on/off switch is on the left handlebar.

They also claim that the feature is optimized. In a similar location there is also a hazard light button that can be used in emergency situations.

Security tools and features can also be found on the house key. Like Honda's newest product, this product also uses a Smart Key System locking system.

Its operation is easy to use because it uses a knob model and does not require an ignition key. Next to it is also a button to open and close the gas tank.

While on the left there is a console for storing items such as gloves or smartphones. It has a power outlet for recharging the battery.

Equally important is the luggage accommodation offered in the baggage section. With a capacity of 28 liters, the space under the Honda ADV 150 motorcycle seat can fit a full face helmet and other items such as raincoats and small bags.

Honda adv 150 . design

AHM took the approach by adopting the design of the Honda X-ADV with a 750 cc engine. seen from the proportions of enduo or off-road motorbikes that present a stocky body, firm lines and tough.


Double headlamp lamp, clearly adopted from its most expensive sibling. In fact, this LED-based headlight has a larger shape than its brother. Decorated with luxurious DRL.

The rest, separate turn signal, fatbar-style handlebars, and aggressive fenders are applied. The shape of the taillights with the letter "X" on the ADV 150 was adopted by the Honda PCX 150.

However, it looks different. Coupled with the selection of striped wheels measuring 14 inches and 13 inches (front-rear), managed to make it more visible as a proportional cruiser motorcycle.

Control & Ride Honda ADV 150

In connection with these two things, of course, it is related to the design of the Honda ADV 150.

The design of the seat and handlebar is also an important part, especially to get maximum control.

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