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List of the Best Maxi Scooters in Indonesia

The presence of large scooters does have a positive impact on the development of the two-wheeled vehicle market in Indonesia. Of course, this is also inseparable from several advantages of the scooter itself so that many people are interested in it. Wre they? here are the advantages.

More Sporty and Impressive Design

The advantages of this first maxi scooter can of course be seen from its body shape which is fairly large and tends to have a more sporty and dashing concept.

The elegant impression also looks more obvious than a scooter in general. So this is a plus in the eyes of consumers.

On the other hand, the footrest is made more ideal to support the position and the wider footwork ensures rider comfort when riding the maxi scooter.

Of course this is an advantage that is quite different from scooters in general.

More Ideal and Comfortable Driving Position

Considered as an adventure scooter, of course the advantages of the scooter are in the aspect of driving comfort.

With large body dimensions, maxi scooter users will certainly be pampered with a comfortable driving position thanks to the wide seat size.

It doesn't stop there, even a fairly wide front footrest is also one of its advantages to provide a sense of comfort for the driver when driving, especially when traveling long distances.

Don't forget to also make the seat width the same so that passengers also feel comfortable sitting.

More Luggage Space

Luggage space on this large scooter is somewhat more spacious or spacious which is one of the advantages of this maxi scooter.

With a large luggage space, of course, motorcycle owners do not need to use an additional box to carry their luggage when doing touring activities.

Interestingly, generally factory-made maxi scooters that are now sold in Indonesia have luggage capacities in the range of 20 to 23 liters so that they can accommodate one full face helmet.

Greater Engine Power

Then, the advantage of the maxi scooter which is the main advantage is the engine it carries.

The reason is, generally the maximum scooter here relies on an engine with a large enough cubication capacity, which is above 150 cc.

The combination of a large engine and efficiency makes the maxi scooter very suitable as a means of transportation in urban areas as well as for long-distance touring activities.

Best Maxi Scooter

After understanding some of its advantages, here is a list of the best recommended scooters. Are as follows.

All New Yamaha NMax

1. Best Yamaha Nmax Maxi Scooter

There is no denying that the Yamaha NMax brand is the best maxi scooter model that is highly recommended for you to consider.

Not without reason, considering that in this case Yamaha also provided it with a premium and elegant look that is very typical of touring motorbikes.

The ideal footrest also adds comfort when used for long trips.

In addition, the engine is also very economical thanks to the Blue Core and VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) engine with a capacity of 155 cc which is claimed to be able to provide power up to 11.1 kW per 8,000 rpm and torque of 14.4 Nm per 6,000 rpm.

Of course, with this machine, driving activities, especially when touring long distances, will feel more comfortable and supported.

Then in terms of the official price, the Yamaha NMax itself will reportedly be priced in the range of Rp. 29.7 million (155 Standard) to Rp. 33.7 million (Connected ABS). Pretty competitive isn't it?

2. Yamaha XMAX

In addition, from the Yamaha Series range, the Yamaha XMAX type is also one of the other best maxi scooters whose position is above the NMax.

This large scooter is a premium model with advanced features to support driving safety and comfort.

The body design will be very sturdy with a sporty impression with sharp body curves that meet the requirements of a dashing touring motorcycle.

It doesn't stop there, even one of the best automatic motorbikes is also reportedly equipped with reliable and functional features, such as Smart Key, Electric Power Socket, ABS that are ready to guarantee safety and comfort.

The engine carries the SOHC type with a single cylinder and a capacity of 250 cc. Where, the engine is claimed to be capable of spraying power up to 16.8 kW per 7,000 rpm and peak torque of 2.3 kW at 5,500 rpm.

Looking at the specifications, of course the price of the Yamaha XMAX is more expensive than the NMax considering that it is priced around Rp. 61 million in Indonesia.

Of course, the high price is considered appropriate or commensurate with the quality it offers.

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