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How to Make Fried Cimol easily

Cimol is a typical Bandung snack which has become widely known and has become a favorite snack for many people.

Cimol has a chewy texture and a savory taste. It is better to add spices such as chili powder or flavoring. But, Sedulur, want to know how to make fried cimol like the sellers?

In this article, Super Application will show you how to make fried cimol that is anti-explosive. It is guaranteed that those of you who are often afraid of getting splashed by oil don't have to worry anymore.

This recipe also uses minimalistic ingredients, guaranteed not to make the brothers bother. Let's see the recipe now so you can run it right away!

1. How to make Cimol

Materials needed:

12 tbsp tapioca flour

1 tbsp wheat flour

1.5 tbsp rice flour

2 cloves of garlic

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp stock powder

hot water

How to make Cimol so it doesn't explode:

Puree garlic, salt, and powdered broth until smooth

Mix all the flour in a bowl, then mix with the ground spices until smooth

Bring the water to a boil, then add it to the cimol mixture little by little. Stir with a spatula. Make sure to add water little by little so that the cimol mixture doesn't become runny.

Once it's not too hot, knead the cimol dough with your hands until it's smooth. Then take the cimol dough and shape it lengthwise and cut it according to taste.

Then each piece is formed into a circle.

As for how to keep the cimol from erupting, the secret is here! Brothers and sisters must first pour oil into the pan that will be used for frying, without starting the fire first.

Then enter the cimol dough that has been shaped round into the cold oil. After entering all, turn on the fire.

Fry the cimol on low heat until it's cooked

If there is still dough that has not been fried, turn off the heat first, wait for the oil to cool a bit. Once cool, repeat the process again until the dough runs out.

And how to make this anti-explosive fried cimol can be done immediately. Practitioners are now without fear of being scalded with hot oil!

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