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Causes and How to Fix Shaky Motorcycle Handlebars

How to fix the rocking handlebar so that it becomes calm and comfortable is something that motorcycle users must always pay attention to at all times.

This is because the stability of the handlebar can affect the driver in driving his motorbike every day.

The stable condition of the motorcycle handlebar will provide a higher sense of security for the driver. On the other hand, the condition of the motorcycle handlebars that shake threatens the safety and security of the rider.

The condition of the rocking handlebar will make it difficult for the motorcycle to move and experience a decrease in acceleration.

In general, my friend will think that the motorcycle handlebars are rocking usually because the motorcycle has fallen or has an accident while driving.

Apparently, a motorcycle that falls or has an accident is not the only cause of the motorcycle handlebar shaking.

However, the causes of this rocking motorcycle handlebar can vary. For that, we need to know the cause first.

After we know the cause, of course we can choose how to fix the handlebar rocking motorcycle according to the cause.

This is so that the way to repair the handlebar of the motorcycle shakes on target and makes the handlebar calm and comfortable because it is stable.

In this case Mas Sena will provide information about some of the causes and how to overcome the motorcycle handlebar rocking so that it becomes calm and comfortable when used.

Before knowing how to fix a rocking motorcycle handlebar, we need to first know the cause.

Without knowing the cause, of course, we will be wrong in determining how to fix a rocking motorcycle handlebar.

If traced, it turns out that the causes of the motorcycle handlebar shake are quite diverse.

Causes of Shaky Motorcycle Handlebar

There are several factors that cause your motorcycle handlebars to shake. Such as tire conditions that are not good due to baldness, wheel conditions that are not smooth such as cracked or broken, damaged wheel bearings.

In addition, the cause of the motorcycle handlebar shaking can also be caused by the condition of the steering wheel that functions as a regulator so that the motorcycle can turn right or left is damaged, the condition of the schokbreaker is not precise or damaged, and its position is not parallel to the handlebar mount triangle which functions as a liaison between the handlebars. and shock absorbers.

If you already know the cause, then you can fix the handlebar wobble more effectively. Now let's see how to fix the motorcycle rocker handlebar below.

How to Fix a Shaky Motorcycle Handlebar

1. Bad Tire Condition

The condition of a flat tire or commonly called bald can be one of the causes of rocking motorcycle handlebars.

In addition, the air pressure in the tires also needs to be considered, whether it is appropriate or not.

Especially for motorcycles that have been patched with tires, it is necessary to re-check whether the condition of the tires being patched is good or not, for example, it can be seen whether there are lumps or not.

How to Fix a Shaky Motorcycle Handlebar

For some causes of handlebar rocking from the condition of the tires used, the driver can choose how to fix the handlebar shake.

Tires that are uneven or have lumps can be replaced immediately. Meanwhile, when the condition of the tire lacks air pressure to deflate, immediately do the air pump according to the right pressure.

2. Check the condition of the wheels

Wheels can make motorcycle handlebars shake due to cracked or bent parts.

To find out the condition of a cracked or bent wheel, you can use the standard two method, where we rotate the tire, then we see whether the rotation is rocky or not.

If the rotation condition is rocking, then to fix it, you can take it to a press workshop to press the wheels, or it is better to replace them with new wheels altogether.

3. Check Wheel Bearing

In motors, the wheel bearing is in the center of the wheel which is in direct contact with the wheel.

Usually motorcycle handlebars shake because the wheel bearings are damaged, in the form of damaged ball bearings.

To check whether the wheel bearings are still normal or not, you can use a way to shake the wheel to the right and left.

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