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Wear and tear on automatic motorcycles

Don't just ignore it. You must understand the symptoms or signs of a double matic motor that has started to wear out.

Double Motor Matic Canvas – Talking about automatic motorbikes, of course this vehicle is a means of transportation that is currently favored by many people.

Not without reason. with its flexibility and high efficiency, making the automatic transmission motor (CVT) a vehicle that is now being developed by many manufacturers.

In addition to the advantages that are more practical, obviously can not be separated from the routine maintenance process. , the potential for damage persists even if the sophistication is increased.

One sector that is often overlooked is the double canvas sector of the automatic motor itself, which does play an important role in performance.

Motor Matic Double Canvas Marks Aus

If this sector does not get any attention at all then do not be surprised if suddenly the motor has problems. Even though it has been serviced and replaced regularly.


Because, independently, the automatic double canvas motor here is part of the CVT circuit with intervention as a suppressor as well as a clutch protector. Thus, the power transferred from the engine can be channeled to the rear wheels of the automatic motor.

Well, here are some symptoms or signs of a double matic motor canvas that you need to watch out for.

Symptoms of Motor Matic Double Pads Wear

There are several characteristics that are quite clear and you can expect as an indication that it is time to replace the double bearing of your automatic motorcycle. 

Pull Feels Weak and Heavy

Usually the condition of the double matic motor canvas that has started to thin out, the motor will feel heavy carrying the load. This refers to a decrease in the performance of the motor itself.

Moreover, in this case it is a matter of acceleration or pulling the motor which is very slow and very weak.

Technically, if the condition of the double automatic motor is still normal, then the speed of 120 km / h can be achieved in just 10 seconds.

It's different if the canvas is thin or worn, the time it takes to reach rpm is even longer. For example, 5 seconds slower to 15 seconds which initially only took 10 seconds.

If this happens then you must immediately replace the double canvas to restore its performance.

Often Experiencing Tucked Clutch

On the one hand, the double canvas on the problematic automatic motorbike can also be seen from the marks on the clutch that have started to slip.

This is reasonable considering that if the canvas is thin or worn, the clutch will slip easily. Especially when the motor lauched high or uphill on a steep incline.

It's just that, in some conditions, problems like this can also occur due to engine oil that is no longer suitable for use.

However, clutch slippage in general is more likely to be a problem with the clutch lining starting to wear out over time.

Therefore, if this condition occurs to your scooter, it is highly recommended to have it checked again. Is the problem caused by worn engine oil or is it really a double layer.

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