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How to Check Used Cars Before Buying

Cheaper prices are the main factor for used car seekers to get their dream car.

However, there are some conditions that you need to do when looking for a used car, both in showrooms and direct buyers. One of them is knowing how to check used cars that can be done before buying a car.

How to check a used car before buying is the right step and it is very necessary for potential consumers to understand the condition of the car to be purchased. This is because the condition of a used car is much more difficult to predict and identify than buying a new car.

Therefore, understanding how to check a used car before buying is an absolute thing that needs to be known and applied correctly so that you don't regret it in the future.

On the one hand, the first step in applying the used car checking method, it is also necessary to understand the types of car damage that often occur in used cars. Wre they?

There are various types of car damage that prospective buyers may rarely know about. Below are some indications of damage that generally often occurs in cars.

1. Shockbreaker Damage

Before buying a used car, pay attention to the shock absorbers. The reason is, not infrequently this part is a common problem that is often found in some used cars.

Damage to this type of car really needs attention and needs to be repaired immediately considering it will have a big effect on the work of the car's security and brake systems.

2. Time Belt Damage

It should also be noted that the timing belt referred to here is an important component that keeps the engine running every day.

If there is a problem in this section then you need to be careful because it can be very bad, it can even cause long term damage.

3. The brakes don't work normally

Furthermore, the type of car damage that cannot be underestimated is the brakes, both front brakes and rear brakes.

Given that it is very important to maintain safety, always check the condition of the brakes on the car. This can not be separated from the function of the brake itself as a regulator of the car's speed while driving.

4. The car emits white smoke in the exhaust

If the car emits white smoke from the exhaust, this is certainly a sign of damage to the runway sector of the car.

Usually, the appearance of white smoke in the car is caused by burning oil.

If this condition is allowed to drag on, it will be fatal for the space which will further weaken the performance or performance of the engine itself.

How to Check Used Cars

Some clear steps as a way to check used cars that you need to do before buying. Are as follows.

1. Check Car Body

The first step that needs to be done to apply the method of checking used cars before we buy them is to check the car body.

What you can do is carefully check the condition of the car paint. Are there any signs of rust, dents or scratches.

To recognize the signs of defects in the car, you can touch or sweep the car body by rubbing your hands. If any part feels rough or bumpy, it's likely duct tape when repainted.

2 Check Car Frame

Also check the car frame to make sure there is no damage to the frame sector. Do a check on the iron frame that is connected to the left and right fenders as a place to install the radiator.

If after inspection there are scratches or weld marks, there is an indication that this part of the fender has been removed.

Ask the showroom owner or salesperson why this is happening. Because, there is a possibility that this part is tapped to remove the impact marks.

3. Make sure the machine is in normal condition

The best way to inspect a used car is to check the engine. Look at the engine block sector, whether there are brown oil stains or not.

If you see a brownish stain from the oil, it's most likely a leak in one of the gaskets. If this happened, it would definitely require major remedial action in the future.

Also check the connecting belts on the inside of the hood to make sure there are no cracks in any of the connecting belts. Because, if there is a defect in this part, in the future you will have to fix it, which is likely to cost a lot of money.

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