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Differences between MPV and SUV from various aspects

Some of the differences between cars and MPVs and SUVs with various advantages and from various aspects

Differences between MPV and SUV Cars – It is undeniable that in recent years, the trend of MPV and SUV cars has become the most sought after market segment in the Indonesian automotive market. This is evidenced by the emergence of various MPV and SUV cars on the market.

However, not many know that there is a difference between an MPV and an SUV. In fact, both have quite basic differences from various sides even though the passenger capacity function is almost the same.

Therefore, by understanding the difference between MPV and SUV, of course, it is felt that it will help consumers, especially beginners who want to buy a car according to their needs.

Difference between Mpv car and SUV


On the other hand, MPV or SUV also has advantages according to its segmentation. Generally, MPV cars target the beginner and middle class segments as family cars.

While the SUV itself is present as a compact car model with a target middle class market. So do not be surprised if the two have quite striking differences when viewed in terms of target consumers and relatively large price differences.

Well, for those of you who are still confused between the two, here Mas Sena will explain the difference between MPV and SUV cars with some advantages and disadvantages.

There are several differences between MPV and SUV that characterize the differences between the two. Are as follows.

The difference between Mpv and SUV cars and their advantages

Function Difference

MPV itself is an extension of Multi Purpose Vehicle which is included in the category of multi-function family car. Where, this car is known as a passenger carrier as well as a flexible freight vehicle.

That is, this car is made and intended for families by prioritizing comfort and safety in driving.


So do not be surprised if the capacity of this MPV car is able to accommodate a minimum of 7 people or one family.

In addition, the seats themselves can generally be folded, especially in the second or rear row seats that can be used or functioned as luggage to accommodate luggage.

While the difference with an SUV, can also be seen from its function. SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) itself is a type of car that is indeed made as a sturdy vehicle that is able to pass through various kinds of difficult road terrain.

In other words, the use of SUV cars is more emphasized to consumers who want to have a multifunctional car that is able to become a sturdy vehicle to bulldoze various road contours.

But for the matter of passenger capacity itself, MPV and SUV are not too different, namely in the range of 5 to 7 passengers.

Differences from the Machine Aspect

While the difference between MPV and SUV is quite striking in terms of the engine in the engine room.

Where in this case the procurement of machines carried by both is adjusted to the level of function and dimensions of the load carried. So, there is a pretty basic difference between the two.

First, the MPV type car itself generally carries an engine with a capacity of under 1,500 cc. Call it between 1.3 liters or 1.2 liters.

However, there are also several types of MPV cars, in the middle class for example there are engines with a capacity of up to 1,500 cc.

On the other hand, especially for the SUV itself, which is presented as a dashing car to pass through off-road terrain, of course it will require the support of strong engine power.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in terms of engines, most of these SUV cars will be equipped with engines that carry a cubication of more than 1.5 liters (above 1,500 cc).

Thus, the difference between the above-mentioned MPV and SUV in terms of the engine is quite striking.

The Difference Between Mpv Cars And SUVs From Various Aspects

Differences Based on Body Dimensions

Furthermore, the location of the difference between MPV and SUV which is quite basic can be seen from the body structure it carries.

For MPV cars themselves, they are generally designed with slightly higher dimensions with a wide enough width.

This is of course intended to provide more space in the cabin so that it can accommodate many people without having to jostle.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the SUV itself is indeed used as a vehicle that aims to provide extra comfort, especially when passing through bumpy or off-road terrain.

Because of this, most of these SUVs are designed with a body structure positioned above the chassis.

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