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How to Repair a Broken Micro USB Cable

Have a good USB charging cable but it often breaks? Don't throw it away! Try using the method below, who knows it could be better.

But before going into the tutorial, it would be nice to know the characteristics and causes of the damage that occurs to the USB cable. So that after repair can be anticipated to be more durable.

How to fix

Recognize the Characteristics of a Damaged Micro USB Cable

If the connector is already installed on the phone, usually the phone does not show symptoms of charging the battery. Although sometimes it looks like it is charging, the power does not increase, in fact it decreases over time.

Between the USB connector and the phone feels loose when plugged in. While the connector must be precise and should not be loose because it will hinder the incoming electric current.

If it is connected to a computer device, usually a "USB device not Recognized" warning appears and it is clear that the computer cannot read the phone data because the cable is not working properly.

If the cable is moved, the phone will sometimes charge and sometimes not because the USB cable connector is loose.

Some Causes of Damaged USB Cables include:

It vibrates when we use it. If you do this too often, the USB connector and phone plug will be too loose because they can't withstand the pressure.

Often put to sleep when charging which causes cables and cellphones to be crushed by our own bodies, causing excessive pressure.

When we travel, we often take it carelessly. For example, by not being rolled up or experiencing bending which causes the cable to break inside.

Accidental splash of water which can cause dirt on the connector.

How to find out a damaged USB cable is actually very easy and easy, isn't it? Well, try to follow below to make sure the USB cable is good or not.

1. Do not use commonly used charging heads. For example, you can use a charger or other electronic device at home that uses a USB port. Because usually devices with USB ports can be used for the phone charging process

2. With the same charger, try using another micro USB cable. if normal means the cable must be damaged.

Well, until here we can find out whether the micro USB cable is damaged or not. If it is confirmed that it is damaged, do not rush to buy a new one, because it can still be repaired as long as the cable has not been broken.

Tools to Prepare

1. Tang

2. Nail Clippers (alternative)

How to fix

Prepare the damaged micro USB cable and then pinch it right in the middle of the connector as shown above. Remember! Don't pinch it too hard as this will only make the USB cable more difficult to repair.

Pinch gently then try to pair it to your phone. If it feels right then let the phone do the charging process. If there are no changes, it can be repeated several times to be more precise with the connectors on the cellphone.

Well, if there are no cutting pliers at home, we can use nail clippers. The method is almost the same, namely pinching between the middle of the connector with nail clippers slowly and not in a hurry.

Please try charging the phone again, if nothing changes can pinch it back a few times.


Here our job is only to close the loose connector housing again, so don't mess with the others. A good micro USB cable usually only suffers from damage to the connector and cable damage is very rare.

The method above is not intended for a broken micro USB cable. In our opinion, connecting a broken cable is not recommended because if the wrong connection between one cable and another will cause damage to the cellphone itself.

If it can't be fixed, it's better to buy a new USB data cable to be more secure.

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