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How to Fix a Broken Data Cable

If they find the data cable is damaged, loose, or doesn't charge at all, most people will probably prefer to throw it away, and buy a new one right away.

However, there are still many who do not know whether this damaged cable can actually be repaired by yourself.

How to Fix Data Cable

It's true, most people will prefer to directly buy a new data cable, when they find the original data cable is damaged.

If it is replaced with the original again, that's okay. But, what if it's not original? Well, this is better avoided.

The reason is, the original data cable has been designed to match the voltage required by the HP battery.

If you use a data cable that is not suitable, it is not impossible that the life of the HP will be reduced, and even damage other components.

So, try to follow these tips, to fix the old damaged data cable.

1. Sand the Charger Connector Part

The main power supply of the charger starts from the connector. If the connector has a problem, then the cable can't be used either.

There are only two reasons:

Loose or damaged connector, or

The connector is dirty.

If it is loose or broken, the HP will not respond at all. But if you can still charge it for a long time, chances are the connector is dirty.

The steps are as below:

Step 1: First, look for used iron sandpaper with black rough edges, or you can buy it at a building materials store. The price is at most around 2 thousand to 3 thousand rupiah.

Then choose one that is not too smooth, and not too rough. You can also use wood sandpaper (optional).

Step 2: Then take the damaged data cable, then sand the connector slowly. Be it connector or USB.

Later the results are berets. But this is not a problem.

When finished, wipe with a tissue.

Step 3: If you have, you can directly use the cable to charge the phone again as usual.

Scrubbing the connector with sandpaper here will definitely remove any dirt on the charger, visible or not.

Because here we use coarse sandpaper, dirt will automatically be lifted.

In contrast to using cloth or the like which is not necessarily possible.

This method can be used for all types of cable connectors, both regular USB and USB type C. In addition, this method can also be used to repair damaged electronic components.

2. Data Cable Loose?

Then the problem of a loose data cable. This is common. For example, when the phone is charging, then if the phone moves or vibrates a little, the process stops, the battery is not charged.

The cause of this loose data cable is usually because the connector is damaged so it doesn't fit the HP. Usually the effect of using a data cable that does not match the port size.

The solution is very simple. Just use pliers:

Take pliers. Not cable cutting pliers.

Take the damaged charger cable.

Pinch and slightly press the end of the connector using pliers. Do not be too hard so that the results are not too tight, because later it can be difficult to get into the HP.

Connect the connector to the HP to check it. If it feels loose, try again.

We use this method very often. Results? I do not know how many loose charger cables can return to normal.

In addition to the data cable, don't forget to also slide the connector on the HP port. Because if it weren't for the cable, it would be a loose port.

We used to use needles. Like this:

Take a sewing needle that is flat, small but strong. Don't be too big to make it easy to move.

Please insert the needle into the HP USB port.

Slide the connector in the port up or down as needed.

Try charging the HP to check it.

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