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How to Draw Waterfall Easily

How to Draw Waterfalls Easily – In addition to mountains and beaches, waterfall views are also very interesting to be used as objects for painting.

Therefore, on this occasion I will give step by step how to draw a waterfall easily.

To make it look more beautiful, we can also add forests and mountains around the waterfall. So, the atmosphere will look real and natural. Okay, just look at the steps to draw a beautiful waterfall below.

Steps to Draw Waterfall

Prepare drawing paper, pencil, eraser, and desired color. However, in this tutorial we will be coloring with crayons and the brushing (dussel) technique. And the steps for drawing a waterfall are as follows.

1. Start by sketching a picture of a mountain, a waterfall, and two pine trees on the left and right using a light pencil.

2. Then immediately color the entire object of the image with crayons. We can also add the moon in the sky to make it more beautiful.

3. After that, rub the crayon with your finger. So the color will be subtle with a beautiful gradient effect.

4. Thicken each drawing object so that each painting object will appear more clearly to each other.


5. The last step is to perfect each painting object with fine rubbing and thin pencil shading so that the painting becomes perfectly beautiful.

How easy is it? That's an easy tutorial on how to draw a waterfall using a pencil and crayon. May be useful.

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