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How to Draw a Beach Scene with Curved Lines

Who doesn't love to draw landscapes? One of the natural scenery that is often chosen to be drawn is the beach. Well, for that we will discuss about how to easily draw a beach scene through just a few curved lines.

To beautify your drawing, you can also color it with crayons or colored pencils. Here are tips and how to draw a beach scene with crayons that you can follow.

How to draw a beach scene with curved lines easily

Draw a straight line for the sea, and slightly curved for the beach

1. At this stage you can draw straight lines to form the sea part. The trick is simply to make a curved line just below the straight line that serves as the edge of the sea.

2. Make some pictures of coconut tree trunks on several sides of the beach

3. If you have previously made two parallel curved lines, now is the time to create another supporting image. One of the supporting image objects that we can make is the coconut tree trunk first.

You can make the coconut tree stick out slightly straight from the beach, but also make sure to draw the tree so it doesn't extend beyond the top parallel line. Well, if you have, you can continue to draw coconut tree leaves.

4. Create an image of a sunset and some clouds

5. Next, you can add a sun image.

You can make a semicircle and make some clouds too. To create clouds, you can make just a few circle shapes.

6. Complete the image of the coconut leaves on the stem that you made earlier

7. Draw a picture of a coconut shape attached to the end of a coconut tree trunk if you want the beach image to come alive.

In this image, I did not add it to simplify and simplify this tutorial.

Make sure your coconut tree image is full of leaves. Make sure the leaves don't look empty, as this will make the image less realistic.

8. Complete the details of each picture, ornament or other supporting object

9. Well, to make your beach scene image more crowded, you can also add a few more coconut trees. Once you've done that, you can delete the lines within the cloud that you've drawn, as well as delete any other unused lines.

10. Color the picture of the beach scene that you have made to make it more interesting and alive

11. Next, just color the picture of the scenery that you have made. You can use green and brown for the coconut trees, pale yellow for the sand, then blue/orange for the ceiling. You can also use a light blue color for the sea.

Tips for Drawing Beach Scenes

Well, in addition to the tutorial and how to draw the scenery above, you should also pay attention to the following tips.

First, you can use a thin pencil when drawing. This is done to minimize errors if you make a mistake while drawing. In addition, the pencil's light pressure also makes it easy to erase.

Apart from that, you can also make pictures of sea animals or animals around the beach if you want. Examples of images that you can choose are dolphins/shark fins, crabs, snails, or flying birds. When you're done, you can thicken your landscape drawing with colored pencils or markers to emphasize the object of the drawing.

In addition to animal images, you can add beach activities or objects such as beach balls, towels, sand castles, footprints in the sand, or you can also add beach benches or sandcastles and volleyball nets.

To make the image you create look smoother, you must first draw it thin.

Well, that's an easy way to draw a beach scene with curved lines. How? Are you interested in trying to draw a beach scene? For you can also read tips and how to draw a complete natural landscape.

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