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How to Unlock Samsung Phone Pattern Lock

The current era of technological development is quite rapid and inevitably everyone must follow the development of information technology so as not to feel left behind.

In the developments that we all go through, of course we still have to pay attention to the security that exists in cyberspace.

Crimes today are very diverse, happening anywhere and anytime, making us have to be more careful in improving security, especially in cyberspace, one of which is by protecting our smartphones by using passwords or patterns so that they are not easily opened by anyone. .

Smartphones available today are equipped with advanced security features. Security features are available to maintain the privacy of its users. These security features are in the form of a pin, password pattern, fingerprint or face id. One smartphone that has this security feature is Samsung. Samsung is a good choice and a favorite of many people compared to other brands.

Included in the brand that is a favorite of many, a favorite security feature is the pattern system. But there are obstacles in it, such as for people who easily forget it will be difficult to open the pattern from the cellphone itself. Patterns that change frequently can be the cause of you forgetting your Samsung cellphone pattern. Here we will provide an alternative way if you forget your cellphone pattern.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone Pattern Lock

If you forget your Samsung phone pattern, you don't have to worry and don't be in too much of a hurry to take it to a cell phone service technician. You can follow the methods we offer today.

How to open a samsung cellphone pattern using the samsung my mobile website. This way it won't take you long to open it.

To use this method, make sure pandas is connected to a Samsung account.

If you are not connected to a Samsung account, then this method cannot be done. When the account on your phone is able to connect, you can visit the Samsung mobile website.

 You can use a laptop or PC to access it more easily. Once connected, log in and log in using the already connected account on your phone.

If you have successfully logged in you will find the device name h panda and on the left side of the screen then unlock my screen or unlock screen.

Then a notification will appear that your phone screen lock is unlocked. Don't worry, the data on the phone will not be lost.

You can copy the tutorial above to open a locked pattern because you forgot your Samsung cellphone. Amazingly, the steps above can be practiced alone on all types of Samsung, including A10, J2 Prime, A01 Core, A11, J7 Prime, Notes and others.

There are still other ways to be able to unlock your Samsung cellphone pattern, pay attention to the methods below that we have summarized and you can use one of them if you have trouble forgetting your Samsung cellphone pattern.

1. Using Samsung Find Mobile

Maybe you think Samsung Find Mobile is used to track the whereabouts of a lost Samsung cellphone. This is true. Please note that it doesn't just work as a lost cell phone tracking.

Not only that, Samsung Find Mobile can also be used to unlock the phone pattern lock for those of you who forgot. Let's see how to unlock Samsung phone pattern below.

The first step is to open the browser on your laptop or you can use the cellphone you have.

In the browser menu, visit the Find My Phone website at https://findmymobile.samsung.com

Next, click the sign option and then log in using your Samsung account that is already connected to your Samsung smartphone that forgot the pattern.

After you successfully login to the Find My Mobile web, your smartphone name will appear on the left. If you have more than one Samsung phone then there are several names and types of phones displayed.

Next, click on the Unlock my screen option

After doing some of the processes above, there will be a notification tone that your Samsung smartphone has been successfully unlocked.

The last step is to check your Samsung cellphone, and the usual pattern lock is no longer there and your cellphone has been unlocked.

2. Using Hard Reset

This method of unlocking the Samsung cellphone pattern is actually not recommended, because it can eliminate data and also the settings will return to factory settings. This one method is also a bit complicated in the process. The risk that must be borne is that all data in the form of contacts, files, data stored in the phone memory will be lost all.

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