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How to Unlock Forgotten Phone Pattern Lock in All Kinds

Android phones that are produced every year must have increased, both in terms of features and body. The features on the phone will certainly be more sophisticated, including security features.

One of the security features offered is a pattern that serves to maintain the privacy of its users by locking the phone. But sometimes we can forget the pattern to unlock the phone and panic because we don't know how to open the forgotten pattern.

1. Find My Device

how to open a forgotten cellphone pattern with the find my device application

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Find My Device uses one of the services provided by Google to be able to locate an accidentally lost or tucked away phone.

But not only that, you can also use this method to unlock a forgotten phone that makes it difficult for you to access the phone. The steps are also very easy, including:

Open a browser on a computer or laptop, then type android.com/find in the search field, then enter

After that, login using your Google email and the password you used and register it on your phone

Next will appear information about your phone, both location on the map, type of phone, last active, battery percentage, operator name, and three options that you can choose to access your phone.

The three options are Sound Play, Lock/Secure, and Wipe Device. Select the Lock/Secure Device menu

A page will appear to change the password on your phone, change it to a new password or pattern that will be used on your Android phone later

Once done, try to unlock your phone using the pattern you just created on the site

You can use the above method to open a forgotten cellphone pattern on all types of Android cellphones, such as Oppo, Vivo, Realme, and others. Meanwhile, how to open a forgotten HP pattern for Samsung phone users is not much different, namely:

  • Go to the official Find My Samsung site
  • Select the Settings and Security menu, select the Find My phone option
  • Login using the email and password you use on your cellphone
  • Click the Lock My Screen button
  • Enter the new pattern or password then confirm so that you can use the new pattern on your Samsung phone.

2. Smart Lock

Phones with the latest version of the Android operating system have stricter security features than the old version. This method can open an Android phone version 5.0 and above that is in a state of forgetting the pattern, by using the Smart Lock feature. This feature allows users to unlock the phone automatically under certain conditions, for example when connected to a WiFi internet network at home.

Then, you will be given five options that can be used to unlock your locked phone without a password. One option is to use Face Recognition (face recognition) or Voice Match (voice recognition).

Unfortunately, you can only use this feature on the condition that the phone can still be unlocked and must be activated first. Also, Smart Lock cannot change the password or pattern settings without entering the current password. So, maybe you still need to do a reset, and it's a good idea to backup your phone data before doing so.

3. Android Device Manager

The next way to open a forgotten cellphone pattern is to use the Android Device Manager service from Google. Now this service is better known as the Find My Device feature. Therefore, how to open a forgotten cellphone password using Android Device Manager is more or less the same as the steps when using Find My Mobile, namely:

  • Prepare a locked cellphone and a laptop or computer connected to the internet
  • Then go to the Android Device Manager site or Find My Device on the computer via the address
  • https://www.google.com/android/find/
  • Sign in using the Gmail account you use on your locked phone
  • Select the Lock option from the three options displayed to change the pattern or password you use on your phone
  • Enter a new pattern.

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