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How to Overcome a Low Battery in a Car

One of the most valuable car components is the battery or car battery. If likened to humans, the battery is the life of a car.

Its job is to supply electric power when the car engine is started or started. However, the battery itself also gets a supply of electrical energy from the car engine when the engine is running. That's even if the car battery is still sane or not koid or soaking wet.

How to fix battery 

This component is very important for car engines, if the battery is damaged it must be replaced immediately. If the condition of the car battery is still possible to be repaired like that, you don't need to bother spending money.

Then how to repair a car battery? Based on the type of battery is divided into two types, namely wet battery and dry battery. Wet batteries are batteries that operate on water. While dry batteries are batteries that operate using gel.

The material needed is to use the chemical EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid). This material can dissolve sulfate complex salts, battery electrodes that have crusted need to be sprinkled with EDTA powder with a dose depending on the level of battery water storage. With this step we must use a hydrometer which is useful for measuring the acid content and specific gravity of the battery.

Green indicator means less, white is normal and red means maximum limit. If you want this powder then you can use a chemical shop which costs around Rp. 50,000 per kilo.

If you have trouble finding a chemical shop around you, then you don't need to be confused because you can still use other ingredients, namely Bodrex headache medicine, which you can get easily at the nearest store.

Hybrid car battery

Clean the battery using hot water. shake repeatedly until clean (the sign is clear water, not cloudy).

  • Put the battery water into the cleaned battery.
  • Close the battery and shake it to your heart's content, then drain the water
  • Put the battery water into the battery.

This time using a printer application to measure the amount of water that enters.

Put the crushed tablets of Bodrex in the bottle. The dosage is 1/2 tablet for each battery cell (12V 5AH motor battery). for other battery sizes, please adjust the dosage.

Install the battery into your motorbike/car.

done, it's time to try the performance. On Vehicles that can be tried to use for several hours/day.

If the wet battery repair steps above still fail, then you shouldn't be quick to call it a failure because usually the steps above usually apply to a new battery or not a lot of dirt.

Then what about the dirt that accumulates and does not work with the steps above? EDTA or bodrex solution is useful for removing or dissolving dirt attached to the electrode.

Therefore, if a mess should be thrown away, not stored in the battery. After that, repeat the above steps from number one to six without additional EDTA or Bodrex.

With repeatedly, your vehicle battery will return to normal as usual. The steps above are how to repair a wet battery that is already weak and soaking wet. Good luck and good luck.

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