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How to Overcome Forgot Samsung Cellphone Patterns Without Reset

Many Samsung users are confused about how to overcome the forgotten pattern of a Samsung cellphone so that it must be factory reset. Well, a factory reset can indeed remove a forgotten Samsung cellphone pattern.

However, this method will delete all important files stored on the smartphone, especially those stored on the internal memory.

For those who don't want to lose important data such as photos, videos, games, and applications, it's a good idea to try how to overcome the forgotten Samsung pattern that we convey this time. The method is very easy, namely using Samsung's Find My Mobile feature.

Unfortunately Samsung's Find My Mobile feature can only be used on Samsung phones that have a Samsung account logged in. For those who have never logged in, you must create one first. As for how, please see the following information. "How to Create a Samsung Account".


Indeed, the Find Mobile feature is useful as a tool to track a lost Samsung cellphone. This feature allows us to find the location of the smartphone with the help of GPS. However, it also provides a feature to forcibly unlock the screen and remove it automatically remotely.

For those who have forgotten the pattern and have not logged into their Samsung account, they will have to do a factory reset. However, those who have logged in with a Samsung account can be relieved because they can try how to overcome the forgotten Samsung cellphone pattern that we convey this time.

Conditions for Overcoming Samsung Forgot Pattern Pattern

In addition to having to login to a Samsung account, there is one more condition to be able to unlock the forgotten screen. Where is the condition that you must activate the Find My Phone and Remote Unlock features in the Samsung HP settings menu. To access the menu, please see below.

  • Go to Settings Menu
  • Then select Biometrics and Security
  • Then select the Find My Phone menu
  • Then just enable Find My Phone and Remote Unlock
  • How to Overcome Forgot Samsung Cellphone Pattern

If the features above are not active then you will not be able to try how to remotely solve the forgotten Samsung cellphone pattern. Therefore, make sure the feature is active. If you are 100% sure it is active then just try the tutorial below

Open the https://findmymobile.samsung.com/ site from a laptop, computer, or via a smartphone browser. Then click Sign in Sign in Samsung Find My Phone

Then log in using the same Samsung account as the Samsung account on the smartphone How to Overcome Samsung Cellphone Patterns

After successfully logging in, a map information will appear showing the location of the smartphone. Then on the side will be available several menus.

One of them is the Unlock menu. Please click the menu. How to Solve Samsung Pattern Pattern

Next, a warning will appear that the screen lock (Pattern, PIN, Password, and Biometrics) on the smartphone will be released. Then click Unlock. How to Unlock Forgotten Samsung Phone Pattern Lock

After that you have to enter your Samsung account password to confirm. Then click Next Enter Password

Wait until the unlock process is complete. After that information will appear on the cellphone that forgot the pattern that the unlock method has been reset.

All types of screen locks, be it pattern, pin, password, fingerprint or face unlock will be deleted automatically. This means that we can directly open the smartphone without the need to enter the screen lock. Please prove yourself. We are sure that the way to solve the Samsung cellphone pattern that you forgot above will work 100%.

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