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How to Cool a Hot Room Quickly and Easily

 If the weather is hot, you can't sleep because your body feels hot.

Want to have a cool room, but is there a way to make a cool room without air conditioning? Considering that currently buying a good air conditioner costs a lot of money, then you have to work around this yourself so that the room becomes cooler and you can sleep well.

The admin has some tips and how to cool a hot room without using AC. How to deal with stuffy and hot rooms can also be dealt with by making our bodies cool. Come on, just look at the following complete tips.

Causes of a Hot Room How to Cool a Hot Room

A room that is too hot can make us uncomfortable in it. In fact, if the air inside is too hot and stuffy, we will not be able to rest comfortably. Moreover, Indonesia is a tropical country that does not have winter or autumn which can make the air cooler.

Before knowing how to cool a hot room, it's good to know the following things that can cause a room to heat up:

Sunshine Room

If your room faces east, then at 08:00 - 13:00 the temperature in the room will be very hot. Why? Rooms facing east mean they are exposed to the sun during the day. Of course, a room exposed to the sun is hotter.

No Air Vent

Windows and ventilation above the door greatly affect the air circulation in the room. If your room does not have windows and air vents, of course not much air will enter the room.

Close to Hot Temperature

Believe it or not, rooms near the kitchen are definitely hotter than rooms far from the kitchen. When there is cooking activity in the kitchen, of course the temperature of the nearby room will increase because it is close to hot temperatures.


In addition, the lamp can also emit heat. If the lights in your room are white and always on continuously, then your room will feel hot. You can also find out the causes of hot rooms by reading the following article on causes of hot rooms.

1. Install the Fan

If you feel that the air conditioner is too expensive, then buy a fan if it is enough to circulate cool air throughout your room. The fan is one way to make the room cooler and the most appropriate way, because if one day you leave the boarding house, the fan can be brought straight away and you don't have to bother removing the air conditioner.

2. Close the Curtains

Indoor heat can be caused by sunlight entering the room through the window. Close your curtains to block sunlight from entering the room. If you want to open the window, go ahead, but cover it with curtains.

3. Wet the Floor and Open the Window

Although it seems impossible, you can try this simple way to cool a hot room. Wet the floor in the room to provide cool air in the room. Water can lower the temperature in the room. Also, open the windows in your room and let the air in. At night close the curtains so that no mosquitoes enter the room.

4. Change Sheets and Pillows

If your room does not use air conditioning and there is no ventilation in it, then you can work around this by changing the sheets and pillows. Choose sheets made of viscose or cotton because these two types of fabric can give a cool impression. Also, replace old pillows with buckwheat or wheat bran pillows. The reason is, wheat skin has a natural air space.

5. Turn off the lights

One solution for a hot room is to turn off the lights. As we explained above, the lamp is a heat source. When sleeping, you should turn off the lights so that the air in the room is cooler.

6. Make Your Own Air Conditioner

You can try this simple experiment if you really can't stand the heat in the room. To make your own air conditioner, you will need a glass filled with ice cubes, salt and a table fan. You can also use two bottles of mineral water filled with frozen water.

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